Your Dreaming Heart

Whose Dream are you living? Whose Promises are you keeping?

That’s the headline that begins over 75 pages of current content on our website.

We’re very serious about this…

… It’s absolutely essential that you be able to answer those two questions with an unapologetic, emphatic “MY OWN”! If you can, then connecting more deeply with Your Dreaming Heart is now the work for you to do.

If you cannot, it’s time to get down to clearing away obstacles and tuning-up what’s important to YOU!

Recently, we wrote about the cost of failing to “Complete” the un-finished, the un-done, and the un-happy. We emphasized that “getting complete” was not only a powerful way to stimulate letting go, but an extraordinary way to free up new energy.

We acknowledged that letting go might feel dangerous and scary because what lies beyond the familiar and predictable is unknown. It takes some courage to say “No”, but the greater danger is staying attached to circumstances that are no longer life-affirming.

If there are issues hanging on that are blocking you from moving forward, go back and take another look at the Completion Worksheet we gave you.

When you have let go a bit, Your Dreaming Heart is ready to be seen….felt….and heard!

That’s the piece we want to touch on in this article.

* * * *

Completion creates an expansion in you that allows for more aliveness and more peace. It approaches the experience we like to call, Life Living Through You, and it is poetic, beautiful and powerful.

When the static noise of “incompletes” have been quieted by your attention to well-being, Self-Love and effort, Your Dreaming Heart will wake you up to it’s messages of love, desire, happiness and purpose.

The great mythologist Joseph Campbell said, “Follow your bliss and you will become bliss!” We all have to re-discover where bliss lives in our body, how to know it, and how to translate it into daily living.

This is classic Danger, Sex, and Magic territory.

It is the process of awakening Courage, Passion and Desire!

* * * *

Listening to – and following – the compelling messages of Your Dreaming Heart is paradoxically simple and layered with complexity.

You will be faced with questions that have clear answers but may seem like they have lots of “fog” around them.

What is important to you?
What must you now say “yes” – or “no” – to?
What next steps will nourish your path, your well-being, your determined focus?

As you dance between Completion processing and hearing the desires of Your Dreaming Heart, there are five areas (at least) to notice the arousal of compelling messages:

  1. Heightened sensory moments involving color, texture, taste and smell
  2. Renewed energy and new skill levels in the activities you enjoy
  3. A clarified sense of the people you gain energy when being around, and those you don’t.
  4. Renewed interest in being in certain places (nature, restaurants, shops, cities, etc.)
  5. A re-awakened sense of Intuition and a willingness to trust it.

Danger, Sex and Magic, essentially, is about waking up and living from Your Dreaming Heart.

It is where you feel most at home, most alive, most authentic and most empowered to be yourself.

Now is a good day to embrace Your Dreaming Heart.

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