Completion: An Essential, Forgotten Life Skill

“The energy of completion propels the Self to the germination of a new creative cycle. In this stage your being is getting ready for another stage of creation.”

~Robert Fritz

Do you have a multitude of unfinished tasks hanging around, or live in clutter and chaos?

Do you experience feelings of anger, sadness, depression, low energy or anxiety?

Do you have a variety of physical ailments, an overall lack of enthusiasm about the future, and seem unable to start new things?

Put plainly, all of these are indications that your creative life force and well-being is getting derailed and inhibited. All of these may be a direct result of not having brought outlived or non-affirming life events to a close.

It’s a high cost to pay for not attending to your needs when something comes to an end.

* * * * *

At DSM Life Trainings, we regard Completion as a vital and empowering life skill that is dangerously underestimated and often overlooked in our hurry-up and move-on world.

The process of Completion is similar to a ritual, or sacred honoring, of what once existed and has now changed. It is a time to harvest hidden gems of empowerment and insight, even if on first glance an experience looks like one you would rather just bury and forget.

The gifts harvested from the process of completion lay a wholesome and grounded foundation for new beginnings. In it, you give yourself the chance to say and do what’s necessary to feel whole, be free from emotional stress, feel exuberant and forward-looking. Be Complete.

Completion also comes with the reward of expressing your authenticity, well-being and passion more freely and more openly.

* * * * *

Creating an act of Completion takes four qualities that you already have: Awareness, Diligence, Time and Courage.

First, you must acknowledge that you have arrived at a juncture that requires you to let go of, and move on from, past injustices, hurts, limiting relationships, and circumstances.

Second, you remember that you are engaging in an extraordinary and powerful act of Self-Love. You will be calling forth a deeply human power to release yourself, others, situations, beliefs and incidents from a personal story that no longer serves who you are becoming.

Third, you acknowledge with the full force of your desire the new horizons and beginnings that you intend to make manifest.

And Fourth, you grant yourself the time and courage to sit down and do the writing, work through the resistance, and fulfill a personal ritual that grants resolution and fuels your empowerment.

* * * * *

Getting to Completion is vital. Knowing how to do it is empowering. Please click this link to download a worksheet that outlines a six-step process that will take you a long way.. There is no optin required; it is our gift to you.


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