Invitation to DSM 101

We Invite You to Step into
Danger, Sex and Magic 101:
Living Beyond the Forbidden and Taboo

The choices you make on a daily basis matter.

You change your life by becoming aware of your edges — the places where what is forbidden or taboo — exists.

That is where you find the building blocks to your greatness.

Danger, Sex and Magic (DSM) is about learning new skills and developing new courage to go beyond out-moded, old, irrelevant and maybe even harmful ways of living that no longer serve you.

Danger, Sex and Magic 101 is a FREE program you can start right now. It will introduce you to a distinct philosophy and the exceptional coaching approach we use to facilitate your personal and professional development.

There is nothing else like the DSM 101 journey.

It is unique and interactive every step of the way.

It is a stimulating and self-paced process that you can engage with at your convenience. You can complete the entire course in one sitting in about 90 minutes, or you can spread it over several days and savor the experience (our recommendation).  The choice is yours.

We designed DSM 101 as a one-of-a-kind personal journey of Self-Discovery, a process that will help you to discover hidden gems and insights that can help you chart a different course for your life.

Life is meant to be a wild, fun, exhilarating, and loving adventure! Begin it right now with DSM 101!

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