The Liar, the Lie, and the Illusion

In Danger, Sex and Magic we use the term, “Essence Values”, or “E-Values”, to describe the outward expression of your intrinsic nature. Learn how to use E-Values to guide you toward being the person you want to become, and a life of fulfillment is an exhilarating adventure!

There is, however, a Lie and an Illusion that gets spun into your experience, suppresses E-Values, and requires your attention.

It is built, over time, on false ideas and limiting beliefs, distortions, misrepresentations, and assumptions . It acts to keep you small, contained, and safe within a status-quo that says, “It’s all OK the way it is. Don’t change.” DSM asserts that this is a dangerous place to stay.

We call this weaver of illusion, “The Liar”, because to do it’s work it must alter the truth of who you really are. It weaves an illusion that, in your complacency and distraction, you come to believe is really true.

The Liar will aggressively defend the territory it has captured within your psyche. It will do this by finding ways to make you feel wrong or misguided, especially when you start to tend to your personal growth, development and change. It is very clever about building one lie atop another to keep The Illusion alive.

There are many methods The Liar will use to keep the web of illusion intact. Here are a few you may spot right away:

1. “Awfulizing”.
The Liar loves to awfulize. Telling you how awful things are or how awful they will become is an excellent way to convince you to NOT be creative, NOT use time creatively, and NOT change the status quo. Re-read Insight # 6 – “Fear is an illusion created by you, for you” to learn more about how you can actually use this trick of the Liar to your advantage.

2. Diminishment.
The Liar can be really good at making you feel “less than”– less than others; less than your potential; less than perfect; less than (fill in the blank). Here are some examples of what that can sound like:
“Who do you think you are?”
“You don’t have what it takes to succeed at this”.
“You never get it right. You always…….”
“If you do that no one will like you”
“If you say/do that you will be left all alone”

3. Disempowered Language
The Liar will use a classic vocabulary of “weak language” to weave a trance of victimhood, overwhelm, guilt and stuckness. Words such as:
Have to

Bring your awareness and your attention to the form of the lies and illusions that you have spun. You will be well on your way to clarifying new choices you can use to restore your personal power and create better outcomes for yourself.

* * * *

There are clues that point you back to your personal power and your connection to the truth of who you are. The Liar, the Lie and the Illusion is a key clue to know about and work on.

Meanwhile, stay open and curious.
Get more in touch with what raises your energy and notice what lowers it.
Spend time with the things that make you feel good.

And finally, remember to evaluate your results rather than judge them.

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