Connect, Listen, and Let the Energy Move

You are the dancer. This lifetime is your dance, and the whispers of your Heart is the music.

Consider this very defined sequence from the world of dance, touch and relationship:

Let the Energy Move.

This is how we see it relates to ever day Danger, Sex and Magic:

1.) Connection is an act of intimacy and intimacy is a courageous act.

Connection and intimacy reflect a willingness to take a risk – even in the face of imagined or real danger — and to say or do what is true despite consequences.

Connection is often blocked by settling for something less than a feeling of full-bodied “Yes!” In DSM we are adamant that to settle for the way things are is at least as dangerous (often more so) than going for the new and the unknown.

2.) Listening, just listening, deepens Trust and calms the Soul.

Those moments where you slow down enough to get out of your own way, be free of thoughts of the past or concerns for the future, are moments of authentic listening.

It is in these moments you can experience yourself as something greater, bigger, more timeless, more connected. In fact, you become more open to hearing what truly has Heart and Meaning for you. These moments are an experience of Generative Energy, and in DSM it is the power and realm of Sex.

3.) Energy moves because that’s what it wants to do!

When we get ourselves into the flow of the moment and in connection with what has Heart and Meaning, energy will go in the direction that we want it to go (results!). What comes to us—what we manifest—is guided by the realm of Magic and the open channels of giving and receiving.

Learning to master the process of moving energy is at the core of Danger, Sex and Magic. How you manage your thoughts, where you put your focus, and what action you put your attention upon, moves energy and will always be reflected in the results that you get.

* * * *

In Dance, Touch, and Relationship, what makes the difference is the willingness of both people to show up and slow down enough to connect to the whispers of what is wanted, and to allow something new to arise.

Learning how to listen and pay attention is the key to dancing with creative energy. And that takes three things:

  • The courage to connect at a meaningful level
  • Paying attention and listening to what truly wants to happen
  • Focusing on the new things that allow the old to crumble and fall away.

You are the dancer. This lifetime is your dance, and the whispers of your Heart is the music.
Listen, Connect and Move to the rhythm of your own Life pulse.
What will you create with the newly amplified energy that you have raised?

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