‘Tis Better to Receive Than to Give!

Once again the year-end Holidays are upon us and the traditional rituals of reunions, gatherings, gift giving, and family events are filling up our schedules.

Looking at the season from Danger, Sex and Magic, the holidays are a great opportunity to learn, grow, change and Love more fully and vibrantly, and sometimes not the way you expected.

Conventional thinking says: “Tis is better to give than to receive”. In the DSM approach we say,

“Before you can truly give, you must learn to fully receive”

It works like this: Imagine a solar battery in which the only source of energy is the power of the sun. It has to receive from the sun in order to be able to give.

If it doesn’t receive-in, it doesn’t give-out.

We are the same. If we are unable to receive, we are unable to truly give!

Many of us have been told – and have bought into — the idea that Receiving is somehow bad or wrong. Sadly, being unwilling to receive often reflects a smoldering sense of unworthiness and, more insidiously, it stops the expression and flow of connection, Love, and Life Energy.

Here are some everyday life examples where you may stop or resist the flow:

A compliment or acknowledgement Do you brush it away, dismiss it, feel embarrassed by it?
A hug Do you stiffen, feel awkward, rush it?
An offering of help Do you reject it, refuse it, insist on going it alone?
An unexpected gift Do you become awkward, embarrassed, shy?

Ultimately, the flow of Receiving and Giving is about connection and intimacy. It’s also a way that appreciation, gratitude, compliment, acknowledgment, validation and Love is offered.

It is what we all desire more of! We’re hungry for it!

Whatever form a gift takes (a favor, a present or a hug!) the most precious thing you can do for the Giver is to fully receive it.

This is really important and the key point we want to make in this article: A gift fully received is a priceless gift back to the giver. It is one of the most expansive, life enhancing acts we can do for another person.

Knowing how to Receive is a skill that comes from inside of you. We are quite certain that when you practice it you will find that your experience of the Joy of Giving expands immensely, too.

Here’s a very simple practice that you can begin right now and use throughout the Holiday events.

At every opportunity in which something is offered:

  1. Pause, bring attention to your Breath, suspend all judgment.
  2. Slow your breath down and breathe fully into your lungs. Enjoy the moment and soften into it.
  3. Say a silent “YES and Thank You” for this gift (in whatever form it is in).
  4. Breathe and welcome it into your Heart. Receive it fully and consciously honor it for the expression of connection it represents.
  5. As you acknowledge or say “Thank you” to the Giver look at them and be aware of the connection between you. Remember to breath and soften.

You will have validated intimacy and allowed the magical cycle of connection to flow on!

Remember, your receptivity is a gift. It is something that is greater than anything that can be wrapped and tied in a bow!

Stay present and aware. We know that by practicing the Art of Receiving the Magic of the Universe will delight and amaze you because you are open to receive.

Happy Holidays!


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