Frequently Asked Questions

About Danger, Sex, Magic: Living Beyond the Forbidden and Taboo



Q.  What do you mean, “Live beyond the Forbidden and Taboo”?

A. More often than not people build a life based on taboos rather than on their unique gifts, passions and Self Knowledge.

Danger, Sex and Magic (DSM) is about learning the skills and developing the courage to live beyond useless, irrelevant taboos and engaging in true Self-expression.

Many who study how the mind works believe that most people — most of the time — live in a trance-like state dominated by repetitive, habitual and untrained thinking.

Sadly, anything you accept without question has the potential to be an uninvited authority in your life, and this is how “Forbidden and Taboo” belief systems are created.

This also means that they exist and function at the level of the sub-conscious mind.

Silent and secret taboos also tend to form wherever groups of people congregate: organizations, religions, businesses, families, races, and cultures. With an innocent desire for inclusion into a group, people often accept and buy into hidden belief systems lock, stock and barrel, for better and for worse.

We believe this is a tragic waste of human potential!

Thankfully there is a way through this dilemma!

When you courageously  “name” the Forbidden and Taboo structures in your life, they become accessible.  When you confront them directly they  (almost as if by magic!) transform and empower you.

This is what we mean when we say “Live Beyond the Forbidden and Taboo”.


Q.  What is a taboo?  Aren’t taboos there for a good reason”?

A. There is much to say about taboos and yes, they are part of the glue that holds together our social fabric. They’re often confused with “rules”, which are different.

But let’s keep it simple for now. Webster’s Dictionary says a taboo is:

  1. a prohibition instituted for the protection of a group against supernatural reprisal;
  2. someone or some thing avoided or prohibited especially by social custom,
  3. the ritual isolation of a person or thing as sacred or accursed.

Read that definition again, please.  Let it sink in a bit.

The italicized words indicate places where your power is given away to some authority outside yourself. That is why we say it takes great courage, conviction and purpose to stand up to any or all of those three great forces!

Whether you know it or not your life is constantly and unconsciously influenced by custom and injunction.

Would you be more free if you were aware of the taboos you allowed in your life?

Are you ready to understand the patterns you keep repeating?

Are you willing to be done letting those patterns run amok — controlling your beliefs and sabotaging your dreams?

Feeling Free and living in alignment with your Heart, Mind and Body is what we mean by “Living Beyond the Forbidden and Taboo“.  DSM Life Trainings, in its entirety, can be used to support you in achieving your visions and dreams.


Q.  My Life is good. Rules in society work to create order. Why would I want to bother Living Beyond the Forbidden and Taboo?

A. Rules are very different from taboos.  If we didn’t all agree that stopping at a red light was a good rule we’d be in big trouble. When a red light is disobeyed the possible result is logical and predictable.

In contrast, recall part one of Webster’s definition which says a taboo violation is forbidden because you will face supernatural reprisal. That is, you must fear the wrath of an unforgiving, malicious spirit if you dare challenge its’ injunction!

We kid you not…. Most taboos are installed and maintained by superstition that can be centuries old!

These are not superstitions that are easily tossed aside.

This is our tribal heritage at play… Our ancestry coming to life in the present day!

When you explore the definitions, and consider how taboos operate in the modern world, you quickly see the life-numbing control they have on many aspects of your daily life.

Taboo-Busting is a call to personal power, adventure and freedom.

It is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Like any new skill worth learning, however, we think it’s a good idea to practice on small stuff and work your way up to Greatness…

…And Greatness resides in those who stand up and take action to change the things that inhibit natural expression, flow and evolution. Gandhi, Rosa Parks, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, are a few well-known examples who went beyond busting personal taboos to shattering superstitions that hinder the evolution of humanity.

New thought leaders in business, medicine, and grass roots movements around the world are literally putting their lives at stake every day to transform the sacred and the accursed.

In many ways this is the story of the human journey.

Finally, the reason to bother is that we’ve noticed that, for most people, it is important to get to the end of life and be able to say it was examined and explored fully!

Every ounce of conscious awareness that is added to the library of human experience is a contribution.


Q.  How, then, do I consciously begin to Live Beyond the Forbidden and Taboo?

A. The first step is to be willing to name the areas you recognize as “no-go” territory.

Feel the danger that exists  in the area that is “off-limits.”

Whether it is imaginary or literal, your body sensations — your experience — will be the same.

The game to play is about staying present to the experience. Be in the adventure and sensation of it. Learn to love the aliveness of it.  Ultimately, the result will be newly generated and transformed energy.

You will arrive in a place where you have reclaimed power that was given away or repressed, and all manner of creativity and opportunity opens to you.

In a very brief nutshell this is the Danger, Sex and Magic model of transformation in action.

What is required is the courage to Love, Learn, Grow and Change.

Every life and every organization – no matter what level of wealth or health it has managed to attain – faces unique circumstances and challenges as it grows beyond the “acceptable” norms which surround it.

It is not necessary that everyone live the impact of a Gandhi or Mandela—far from it—for it is in each individual’s private choices that Greatness is experienced.


Q.  Who is the ideal participant for working with DSM?

A.  You are the ideal participant if:

  • You recognize you are wrestling, constraining and repressing yourself each day — and you want to break out of that energy-wasting trance.
  • You are fed up with cowering, not knowing, and wondering “what the !*#$%  has happened in the world — and where do I go from here?”
  • You wrestle with your weight – your attractiveness – your self image – your Self Love.
  • You know you’re meant to do something but you just can’t seem to get access to what it is.
  • You are a successful careerist in the concrete jungle, buttoned into your suit…But…something is missing.
  • You are an entrepreneur banging against the walls of “I sound like everyone else…”
  • You are a woman wondering when you can stop sitting with your legs crossed and start dancing to your own song. For real…
  • Those are just a few examples of the person who may be ready for DSM!

Finally, you are the ideal participant for Danger, Sex and Magic if you are ready to go from:

Struggle to … Ease
Fatigued to … Calm
Flat to … Tingling
Fearful to … Invigorated