Discover Danger Sex and Magic

Discover Danger Sex and Magic

Relationships!          Finances!      Career choices!        Intimacy!

Did you know that you are locked-in to what you identify with?

Here’s a too-common example; one that’s almost classical: “I stay in this job I hate and have outgrown because quitting and moving on is too scary. I couldn’t deal with the consequences of leaving. I’m miserable!”

What do you think this person is identifying with that has become so stuck? What about it is so scary to change? And what beliefs about life do you suppose arise from the identity he’s attached to? Do you suppose they tend to be positive or largely negative?

When we created Danger, Sex and Magic it was because we saw our clients desiring new ways to understand the meaning of situations and circumstances. 

We saw our role was to support them in new ways to move on, grow, and love life more fully.

So we brought together ideas and concepts that could easily be integrated from a  coach-like perspective.

And we wanted to give Professional Coaches new ideas and powerful new tools to work with, too.

Here, then, is a brief overview of Danger Sex and Magic:


The most dangerous phrase in the language is,
”We’ve always done it this way.”
- Grace Hopper

We feel ourselves in dangerous territory when our social, economic, family, and cultural Identities are challenged.

In Danger-realm there will always be subliminal and unspoken taboos that warn us away from any forbidden behaviors that could disrupt the status quo.

In DSM we ask you to look for “The Range of Danger”. That is, start to notice where maintaining the “comfort zone” of the status quo is as dangerous as the repercussions of breaking a taboo.  The perceived impact of busting a taboo could be real, but most often we see it is exaggerated or imagined.

One powerful clue that you are in the realm of Danger is when you are challenged by something that is a “sacred cow”, or by something that is accursed by an authority around you (boss, church, bank, community, etc.)

A state of Danger will perpetuate itself when an Identity you carry around remains fixed in an old pattern or system.

It feels dangerous to stay and have your life atrophy… and it is dangerous to step out – through the forbidden and taboo– and into the unknown.

You could literally feel like you could die!

Life, most definitely, takes Courage!


Rumi said, “Out beyond right doing and wrong doing is a field. I’ll meet you there.”

In DSM we call this “field”, Sex. We think of it as The Generative Force of the Universe. It is expanding, renewing and expressing itself in every form and non-form, known and unknown, forever.

When you align with your most authentic nature you can literally feel the power of this Life Force moving through you.

That is Sex Energy.

Without this dynamic energy deliciously expressing itself over and over we wouldn’t have seasons, music, laughter, whole and healthy love making, intimacy and nature’s vibrant living colors.

It is through the Sex-realm, in DSM, that you cultivate and practice the expression of your true and authentic nature. You learn that it is not only wonderful, but empowering, to listen to the soft, warm, animal body, that is you, and to include its’ messages into your daily life.

Sex Energy is ultimately about re-connecting you with You.

In any moment You are the Generative Force of the Universe and there isn’t anything that is forbidden or accursed.

You experience dominion over your own destiny and choices.


Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending. ~Carl Bard

Magic has us be enchanting, charismatic, attractive, vibrant, full of energy, and fearless.  Our whole being says, “Yes!” to Life.  We are unafraid. We are fierce. We Love “that much” that we will do what it takes to give creative expression that honors all Life.

And… Magic is about the Art of Giving and Receiving.

Although the DSM process is very rarely linear, if we had to say it that way it would be like this:

  • First, get out of your own way (address the Danger/ Taboos).
  • Second, “accept what is”, love the moment, and learn to access the power of generative energy (Sex).
  • And Third, turn your power toward creative manifestation.

In DSM the Magic-realm is about being in a mode of Creatorship.

That means being in an expanded state of allowing. To master Magic it is essential to develop a deep acceptance of occurrences such synchronicity, coincidence, intuition and your sub-conscious power.

These keys to creativity are normal, acceptable, everyday resources that are available in every moment.

And to master living a magical life, remember, just because something is invisible doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Finally, giving and receiving is the channel by which energy moves between all things. The act of giving and receiving literally connects the dots of what is possible.

It is the Heart of connection. Shut it down and, quite literally, the realm of Danger comes flooding back, instantaneously.

You can find more information about Danger, Sex, and Magic on our Frequently Asked Questions page.