The Orgasm and the Ecstasy

Everything is Ecstasy, inside.
We just don’t know it because of our thinking minds.
But in our true blissful essence of mind
Everything is all right
Forever and forever and forever.

~Jack Kerouac

We say, “living beyond the forbidden and taboo” is the core message through all of Danger, Sex and Magic.

Going beyond the comfort zones that are made up by the rules and constraints of your family, culture and groups, can be hazardous –- sometimes real and sometimes imagined –but going beyond them is always a release of energy.

The point is: You will never be orgasmic in the comfort zone!

Getting out of the familiar also means you risk feeling guilty. You lose innocence when you break a rule; so the dance between guilt and innocence is the ecstatic dance of drama, love and sexual tension.

To embrace the power of your orgasmic energy and the juiciness of life, you have to keep pushing the edges of your comfort zones in as many ways as you can, not just sexually.

It is time to change your mind and begin to think and feel differently about the sexual energy that is thrumming deep within you right now.

* * * *

Every thing is ecstatic!
Every thing is an orgasm!

Eating a peach,
Crisp Clean sheets,
Swimming naked under the moon.
Good food.

Life is orgasmic. Life is ecstatic. Are you paying attention?

Your body wants you
To remember you’re an ecstatic being.
Your body wants you to remember you are Love.
Your body wants you
To live life through it.

Life is orgasmic. Life is ecstatic.

Play and delight
In the orgasmic energy that is you!

Pay attention to the twitches
The shivers
The shakes.
They are messengers calling you to ecstatic aliveness!

Let go of thoughts
Judgments of worry!

Feel the power of life energy inside.
Pure orgasm.
Ecstasy in motion!
Perfect Orgasmic waves!

Become aware
Change your mind.

Life is orgasmic! Life is ecstatic!

~Jil Windsor


* * * *

Pure energy is pulsing, twitching, shaking and thriving. It will have its way, as Jack Kerouac says, “forever and forever and forever”.

When life juices are repressed, symptoms of your system wanting to rebalance and move toward ecstasy will show up. Worry, angst, headache, nervousness, sleeplessness and… on and on.

It’s as-if these symptoms are the only way to stimulate a feeling of aliveness! They may not be life-affirming but they remind us that we are alive and orgasmic!

The truth of our nature is that one way or another sexual (generative) energy will find a way to escape the confines of our soft, animal body.

The question is: How will you experience that release of energy?

With DSM, we fully support you in going for the bold, the daring, the beautiful, and the path of Heart, Meaning and Love.

Go for it!