The Heart of Love in Action

We have come a long way in the last year.

It hasn’t been easy coming together with a willingness to mend the broken fences and trust again.

My belief is that in the quite, soft, early birthing hours of morning, we each heard the insistent tempo of love calling us to come together. It pulsed a message “ You are better together than you are apart.”

Radiant strands of love and truth had to be eased and released from the Grapevine whispers of misperceptions entwined in our minds.

We closed the doors on many past hurts, some of them weren’t even ours to own. That was the surprise of surprises, when we learned we had identified or become entangled with the past of others unknown. It was beyond our understanding and comprehension but we’re now the wiser for it.

Collectively we brought back harmony to ancestors who wanted only for us to live in the fullness of our hearts. Future generations will be healthier for it, it is a job well done.

Nourished by our connection, which goes deeper than our simple minds can fathom, we breathe the perfume of our Souls and caress the Spirit of love and life together.

So what is next for us in these remaining years?

How shall we bring our best selves to each moment and to each other?

What is the name of the power we now possess and will carry forward?

What is our collective legacy?

These are questions that shape the future and call us forth. We shall be known by our answers. They will be tested by the generations to come.

The name of the power I see is the Heart of Love in Action. It says we are always looking for what Love Looks Like in this Moment no matter what the situation or circumstance.

We bring our best selves by remembering we are born to be at choice and we choose to carry the best of our elders forward. We choose to remember that we serve our future generations through our thoughts, actions and hearts.

Our collective legacy is an empowered whole where the ones who came first are honored and respected. As an empowered whole, all voices are heard with high regard. A legacy where everyone belongs so that each new generation can build and thrive with the knowledge they have love at their backs.

Our story will stand as a reminder that we always find a way to return to the Heart of Love in Action. It is this, above all else, which drives our intentions and actions especially in the darkness of hard times.

So what is next for us in our remaining years together? It is sharing in the Spirit of love and life that wants to unfurl and live through us forever and forever.

Jil Windsor