Insight #7: Life Lives Through You

Insight #7

“Life lives through you”

You are life passing through your body,
Passing through your mind,
Passing through your soul.

You are the force that moves the wind and breathes through your body.

The whole universe is a living being that is moved by that force,
And that is what you are.
You are life.
~Don Miguel Ruiz

This Insight is at the Heart of the DSM model. It creates a game-changing worldview that alters how you see and how you experience the expression of who you are!

It is said simply:  You Are Life!

“Life” isn’t something that is “out there” for you to survive and live through. This Insight says that YOU and Life are a force that is one and the same.

Pause for a moment and let that sink in – You and Life are a force that is one and the same.  Let it register in your body as well as your brain, because this Insight is a feeling as much as it is anything else we can say about it.

Catch the feeling of the distinction we are making between how we are normally trained to think about Life, to this empowered version.  The contrast you feel highlights a beautiful resonance that will ripple out into all areas of your life.

Here’s another way to think about it: You’ve heard or even said things like, “Life’s a bitch and then you die” or, “get a good job, work hard and you can have a good life” or, “You should make something out of your life”.

These statements are made without understanding that YOU ARE the Generative Force in the universe (more to come about that in DSM) and NOT a victim to situations and circumstances.

This Insight is designed to tip over that misunderstanding and open the way for new awareness.

Once again, in other words:

When you experience yourself as the generative energy that pulses through the universe, you will know that YOU are Life living through you.

No longer will you be compelled to believe that a struggling, striving, achieving you must push up against a separate thing called Life!

 “Life lives through You.”

How this Insight is used in DSM: Living Beyond the Forbidden and Taboo

This Insight is layered throughout Danger, Sex and Magic perhaps more than any of the other Insights you’ve read about so far. Much like Insight #1 – “This is what Love looks like in this moment” – this Insight represents a philosophical underpinning and grounding for the DSM approach.

All of the skills, tools, intentions and practices emerge from these two Insights, especially.

We have also titled our basic program after this Insight. The Life Lives Through You workshops consist of foundational work in the three areas of personal power that propel the DSM journey.

Becoming grounded in the three Personal Powers – Essence, Presence and Creatorship – is critical to navigating the Danger, Sex and Magic territories that occur in your daily situations and circumstances.

We will point you, guide you and remind you to keep looking through the Life Lives Through You lens, as you adventure into the discovery of yourself as the Generative Force called Life.

“The whole universe is moved by the force that is YOU!”

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