Insight #2: There is No Out There Out There

Insight #2

“There is no ‘out there’ out there”

This Insight leads to the question: What if you lived with absolute certainty that you and you alone were the force that creates your reality and the world you lived in?

The sub-text of this question is that circumstances and situations do not have to change—YOU have to change.

The evolution of consciousness and the kinship it has with discoveries being made by scientists around the world, demands we pay attention to evidence declaring that everything—and we do mean everything—is energy.  It turns out that everything you see, hear, feel, touch and taste is a result of how your consciousness interprets Energy.

And energy is subject to universal laws.

It is You – using your imagination – that makes everything up!

This Insight says that the information you receive is entirely shaped by you, your imagination and your awareness. It invites you to understand that other possibilities and options can always be imagined and created.

You understand a situation or circumstance by the interpretation and expectation you give to it. How often have you thought something was true only to find out later you were completely off the mark?

In DSM we are fond of saying, “Don’t believe everything you think!”

“There is no out there out there.”

How this Insight is used in DSM: Living Beyond the Forbidden and Taboo

Whatever you believe about a person, situation or circumstance, you will experience as true.

Whatever you give focus and attention to, will appear.

Whatever you seek, you will find!

This is all both good news and bad news, depending on how you look at it.

For example, when we don’t take responsibility for what we want, or we make our situation or ourselves wrong, or blame others for our unhappiness, it’s likely we’ll become rigid in our outlook and stuck in a “low vibration” life. We get caught in a spiral of negativity.

The good news is that the potential of this Insight also connects you to your creativity, awareness and curiosity. Everything begins with you and everything is Energy. If things aren’t the way you want them to be, it is your responsibility to use your resources to make it better and more fulfilling.

Be curious and gentle with this Insight. Enjoy it, laugh with it and feel good about it.

Ultimately, this Insight concludes that You are the generator of your experience.

Explore the territory of this Insight.

It comes with a 100% guarantee that there is nothing to lose-  there is no out there out there!

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