Insight #6: Fear is an Illusion Created by You, for You

Insight #6

“Fear is an illusion created by you, for you.”

Throughout history there has been as much written about Fear as there has been about Love.

In Danger, Sex and Magic fear is a self-made creation that serves the brilliant purpose of awakening you to your greatest possibilities.

It is what we mean when we say, “by you and for you”.

As you learn, love, grow and change you display a genius at creating exactly the challenges that teach you best. You probably already sense this about your Life. Isn’t it fascinating that we are able to manufacture the perfect circumstances that bring us exactly what we need to move us in a new direction?

When you hear someone say, “There are no accidents”, this is what they are talking about…

This Insight is often a challenge to accept. It may confront your core beliefs about how you think the world works.

This Insight says that the only function of fear is to show you the beliefs you have about the limits to what you think is possible.

Joseph Campbell, the great 20th Century mythologist, wrote:

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek”

Ancient wisdom teachings reveal that fear not-confronted will repeat itself and “up the ante” each time it cycles around.  As we progress through life that which we do not deal with repeats itself, and does so more intensely.

This is the way your Soul gets your conscious mind to pay attention before you run out of time!

In DSM we look at the brilliance of what happens when Fear is confronted directly and the treasure is revealed to us.

With this Insight at work you will magnificently attract bigger and more wonderful opportunities to your experience. Like Magic, you will know where new expansion awaits you.

“Fear is an illusion created by you, for you.”

How this Insight is used in DSM: Living Beyond the Forbidden and Taboo

“Danger” is in our model for good reason. DSM is not for the faint of heart nor is it the kind of work you would do if you think personal growth is about blasting through action steps and getting to a goal.

Working with DSM can and will help you achieve your goals but they will come to you as gifts (from you/to you), and are earned in large part by meeting and challenging fear.

You will hear more about what we call, “the Range of Danger”, which is a powerful mini-model for understanding how fear operates in your life and what you can do about it. DSM confronts fear directly by helping you gather “generative force” (the Sex part!) and transforming it into the Magic that makes your dreams come true.

This Insight also reminds us that fear is a friend. It’s not one we like very much but it is loyal, dependable and always there to call us to be bigger, better, braver and more fulfilled.

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