Insight #3: Your Experience Reflects Past Thinking and Choices

Insight #3

“Your experience reflects past thinking and choices”

Our minds are relentlessly in the act of creating our experiences.

There is an extraordinary amount of mind power that operates beneath our awareness that is virtually incomprehensible, unstoppable, and totally available for our creative use!

When you connect to this immense power that moves through you – Life! – The truth emerges that YOU are the source of all that you see, feel, hear and experience.

This Insight says that the structure of your conscious and unconscious thoughts and beliefs brilliantly lead to the choices, habits and patterns that become your experience.

In acts of stunning genius it is YOU that creates the reality around you.  Thus is the beauty magnificence and Magic of who you are!

“Your experience reflects past thinking and choices”

How this Insight is used in DSM: Living Beyond the Forbidden and Taboo

You will learn about a Source of Personal Power in the DSM model called Creatorship. In it, you’ll see that even though your other-than-conscious aspects of personal power are capable of great things, there is an instinct within you that defaults to repetitive, routine, habitual, safe and predictable modes of behavior.

From a survival perspective this is a natural and good thing and worthy of respect. It is also a human tendency that holds you back from manifesting your dreams and living your full potential.

This Insight is a reminder that our lives are the result of past thinking, beliefs and emotional patterns. It acknowledges that most of what we do – and how we do it – runs on “automatic unconscious”.

It’s not your fault. It’s a survival mechanism. You just have to be aware of it so you can do what you have to do to change what doesn’t work (and keep what does).

This Insight is a positive declaration that we can change.

We can make our dreams come true with powerful thoughts, feelings, beliefs and imagination! “You make your Dreams Come True” is a cliché that has endured because …. It’s TRUE!

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