Insight #4: You are the Common Denominator

Insight #4

“You are the common denominator”


We want you to have a bit of fun with this one not only because it is so obvious, but also because it is so profound!

If your past thinking and choices reflect your experience then it naturally goes to say that YOU are the common denominator!

When you look at your situations, events and circumstances and tell the truth about them, there is no getting around the fact that you—and only you—are the only one who has been around for all of it!

A common denominator is defined as, “ a commonly shared theme or trait”. In the DSM model the commonly shared theme or trait is the experiences that make up what’s called, “Your Life”!

Lets look at what this Insight is saying metaphysically, psychologically and spiritually about your Experience. (The Danger, Sex and Magic model includes all of these!)

This Insight invites you to notice the themes and traits that have repeated themselves throughout your life journey. From the breakdowns and breakthroughs that have moved you, to the emotions that have on occasion consumed you, and everything else in-between.

When you own that you are the common denominator you take on the responsibility for being at the center of those experiences.

It is you who sees, hears, feels, interprets and makes meaning out of everything that occurs.

It is you who declares this is good; this is bad… I like her; I don’t like him …. I’m not the kind of person who (fill in the blank)… this is scary; this is fun… and so on.

It is you who is at the center of it all and always has been. When you own the magnitude of being the common denominator of all your creations you will find that blame, self-pity and self-sabotage can be released.

Full responsibility for everything that occurs in your life brings with it freedom and personal power. This Insight is a key to ending your unnecessary suffering!

“You are the common denominator”

How this Insight is used in DSM: Living Beyond the Forbidden and Taboo

In addition to what’s been said, this Insight provides an opportunity to step back and appreciate the genius in you that creates how you experience your existence.

Revel in the gratitude of your magnificence! Look at what you are capable of creating!

Though you may not be satisfied with what you’ve experienced thus far in the game, this Insight gives the perspective that YOU are the unique center of the “Your Life ” movie that is unfolding!

With this Insight, you can RECLAIM personal power and that, essentially, is what DSM is all about.

Remember, the re-interpretation of your life is entirely up to you.

You construct the story that “connects the dots” of your experiences.

You measure YOU as “the common denominator” in your Life.

How you do that is completely subjective, up to you, and your responsibility.

Ultimately, we always get to choose, and this Insight reminds us that we are always In-Charge!

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