Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy: The Seven Insights

Danger, Sex and Magic: Living Beyond the Forbidden and Taboo is about the human impulse to Learn, Love, Grow and Change. Your individual potential depends on your capacity to actualize these four processes on your Life’s journey.

Danger, Sex and Magic is built on Seven Insights that bring awareness to the journey and make it better, more compelling, and much more fun!

The Insights will alter the way you view:

  • Your situations
  • Your relationships
  • Your career
  • Your finances
  • Your Self
  • What to do next…

Click on each Insight to learn more about how it works in Danger, Sex and Magic.

Insight #1: This is what Love looks like in this moment. What if you knew with absolute certainty that every circumstance, every situation, and everything that happened to you, was an occurrence that served you in Joy, Innocence and Love?

Insight #2: There is no “out there” out there. What if you lived with absolute certainty that you and you alone were the force that creates your reality and the world you lived in?

Insight #3: Your experience reflects past thinking and choices. Your conscious and unconscious thoughts and beliefs brilliantly lead to the choices, habits and patterns that become your experience.

Insight #4: You are the common denominator. When you own the magnitude of being the common denominator of all your creations you will find that blame, self-pity and self-sabotage can be released. 

Insight #5: To change your Life, shift your Identity. Real transformation, and how well you are able to shift your situations and circumstances, will always be a function of how effectively you shift your sense of Identity.

Insight #6: Fear is an illusion created by you, for you. The only function of fear is to show you the beliefs you have about the limits to what you think is possible.

Insight #7: Life lives through You. This Insight is at the Heart of the DSM model. It creates a game-changing worldview that alters how you see and how you experience the expression of who you are!           

To begin working with the Insights , pick one each day and take just 15-minutes to be curious about how it is true in your life  and how you can apply it.

In four weeks (just four cycles through the Insights) you will notice a significant shift in your thinking and the quality of your experiences.

Let your amazing mind do all the work!

YOU ARE  an evolving presence in the universe.

YOU CAME HERE with one express purpose, and that was to be a generative force of Nature.

YOU ARE HERE to create something out of nothing for the sheer enjoyment of having an expansive experience.

AND YOU ARE HERE to learn how to let your creations melt back into nothingness.