Who We Are

Our mission is to reveal, arouse and evoke the passionate fire of Life…

Anyone with the desire to go beyond circumstances; to break away from steadfast rules and taboos; to reset their blueprint for living fiercely and without compromise to their Highest Self ; is going to be ready for Danger, Sex and Magic: Living Beyond the Forbidden and Taboo.

Our tele-seminars and courses are for those new to personal growth and willing to challenge themselves. And they are for those already deeply into the game and wanting more.

DSM Coaching and Trainings are not for the faint of heart but they are for the sincere life explorer who recognizes courage and breakthrough as a daily practice.

Craig Carr and Jil WindsorAbout Craig Carr and Jil Windsor

Craig Carr and Jil Windsor are the co-founders of DSM Life Trainings and the authors of the program Danger, Sex and Magic: Living Beyond the Forbidden and Taboo (DSM) and The New Client Guidebook to Professional Coaching: Seven Principles You Must Know Before You Hire a Coach.

Craig and Jil are pioneers in the training of Professional Coaches. They have led over 300 seminars for coaches and served as senior faculty with the Coaches Training Institute from 1997-2010. Both are certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and continue to teach and maintain a coaching practice from their home in Austin, Texas.

They have created a variety of ways to share DSM and are proud to be able to offer coaching at price points that serve as many people as possible. A mission of their company is to take the coaching paradigm to the masses, and to do that they are innovating new ways to deliver quality, high impact coaching.

Craig and Jil also train experienced coaches to deliver the powerful DSM model in various formats. If you are a coach and interested in these opportunities, please inquire directly with an email to contact @ dangersexmagic.com.