The Self Love Infusion Process

A Life Skill to Save Yourself from the “Little People in Your Head”

Are you kicking yourself for not having it all together?

Have you built up a head of steam that is taking you down a Path of Pain?

Are you in the middle of a muddle about whether you are good enough, smart enough, competent enough?

Are you caught in the “comparison” TRAP that you CANNOT seem to wiggle or wrangle your way out of?

Are you scaring yourself silly with insistent, persistent and resistant negative thinking?

When you are in a negative spiral you know it’s SUCKING the life right out of you! You know also that the longer you stay in it the more you beat yourself into a miserable shadow of the truth of who you really are!

Sadly, these are places that people find themselves wrestling with all too often.

* * * *

There are essential Empowerment life skill for managing self-deprecation and negative thoughts, and we’ve created many simple and easy-to-use tools for just for this purpose.

We’ll often begin with our new coaching clients by showing them how to manage and separate their “Liar and the Illusion” from the Essential Nature of who they really are.

This is a high-priority action a client on his or her path towards a life of utmost Self Care and Love must do.

One powerful and convenient tool we like to use is called SLIP: The Self Love Infusion Process.

It shows you how to SLIP out of any negative spiral and into a place where you feel empowered and confident.

Using SLIP allows you to reverse the downward spiral, regain nurturing positive energy, and stimulate more resourceful thoughts and vision.

* * * *

The beauty of SLIP is that you don’t have to wait until you are on a treacherous slide to use it!

We suggest you practice it regularly even when you are feeling GREAT! It is, after all, a Self Love Infusion Process and we can all do with a jolly good dose of that on daily basis.

The more you use it the more adept you will become.

Include it as part of your morning ritual or before you go to sleep at night. In fact, there is no end to the opportunities during the day when you can apply the SLIP.

Most important, it will give you a head start to quickly restore your equilibrium when comparison, negativity and self-doubt creep in.

The Self Love Infusion Process

Step One: Breath and Attention

Begin with your breath first.

Nothing will change while you are holding your breath. Your life force is connected to your breath and without your breath you die! There is no doubt that if you are in the throes of an attack from the Liar and Illusion you are definitely pinching off your breath and life force.

Bring ALL of your attention to your Breath and begin deep slow puffy belly breaths. You will need to SLOW down to do this.

Changing the rhythm, fullness and completeness of your breath begins a new chemical reaction in your body and mind. It sets off a positive reaction that soothes and calms your central nervous system.

By completing this one simple step you put yourself in charge of Self Love Infusion.

Step Two: Body Awareness

Awareness of what your body is communicating is an exceptionally powerful resource to you. Your body has cellular memory and it is communicating with you all the time.

Whether you are happy or in a negative spiral attack, feelings will be expressed through your body.

You’ve seen this in others. You’ve known when your teenager, for example, is feeling down by the way he holds his head and shoulders, or in the heaviness of his walk. Likewise, you know when he is happy because his shoulders are back, his head is lifted, and he radiate aliveness.

Body Awareness is almost exclusively about SLOWING DOWN … and focusing on what is going on in your body.

With attention on your breath (Step 1), bring awareness to your body.

Scan your body. Is there an area that feels tight?

Tighten it a bit more, hold it for a few extra seconds, soften, then let it go with a big exhale. Repeat if necessary.

Is there an emotion that is flooding you?

That’s energy moving and letting go of you. Keep breathing, soften, and let it go with each exhale.

Stay connected to your breath and practice being unattached if you notice any negative self-chatter creeping back into your experience.

Keep your awareness with your body and your attention with your breath. There will be a new feeling of relief soon.

Step Three: Tune into Your Essence Senses and Values

It’s reasonable to say that one of the reasons you got into the pickle you’re in is because you veered away from your Essential Nature and what is important to you.

We help our clients tune into their Essential Nature through the realm of Essence Values (E-Values).

These E-Values are expressed in many ways such as:

->What raises your energy?
->Who or what makes you laugh?
->What taste, smell or sensations relaxes you and settles your Spirit?

Your answers will help you discover a connection between you and your Essential Nature.

Even though our clients spend time on this powerful discovery work, the SLIP is a quick and easy way to access the benefits of E-Values.

One simple way is to use any of your five senses. Today we’ll choose taste because it is vivid and easy to conjure.

Pick something that delights your taste buds and imagine eating and enjoying every morsel of it. (A ripe, juicy peach. It’s sweetness and succulence delights you entirely!)

Focus in on every detail of the experience you are having. Let the full sensory aliveness permeate throughout you. Your thoughts will begin to change and your mind will begin to search for all the other delightful tastes you’ve experienced.

Allow your whole body to engage in the fullness of the experience.

Keep milking them for all their worth until you feel fully restored and ready to move on.

At this point you have all three steps working at the same time.

  1. Attention to your Breath
  2. Awareness in your Body
  3. Presence of a sensation and feeling that delights you

Step Four: Get Purposeful

At this point of SLIP you have synergized the first three steps, which are an invocation of Self-Love.

You cannot do Steps 1-3 without slowing down, going inside yourself, and finding time and space FOR YOU. You have filled that space with something that delights, redirects and restores you.

The fourth step involves doing something with this new energy.

Action INFUSES Self-Love throughout your being. It reinforces strength, and is a clearer force than any illusion The Liar could appear to make real.

Getting Purposeful ALWAYS anchors and deepens any learning experience. So get going!

Paint. Draw. Dance. Sing. Walk in Nature.

Do whatever gives you pleasure and moves you deeper into Self Love and Appreciation.

Get purposeful with the results of your Self Love Infusion!

Many new opportunities for happiness and aliveness await you!

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