Time to Take Your Magic Pill!

Everyone can use a healthy daily dose of Magic.

Everyone loves magic and, generally speaking, the more astounding and surprising it is to us, the more we like it.

Magic makes us see that what we believed was impossible, IS possible!

Most of all, when we experience Magic our energy is raised and we feel Alive.

When we go about the process of transforming our lives or even simply setting the intention that we want something to change, we are laying the foundation for Magic to occur.

The question to ask—to really get curious about—is how do you keep the door open for Magic to find its way into your journey?

What makes more Magic? Or, just as important, what is it you do that blocks Magic from consistently showing up in your life?

*          *          *          *

Here’s a riddle: What is the Magic that makes Magic?

Magic Mastery is something we’ve set our minds to in developing Danger, Sex and Magic.  It is the capstone of the DSM model. Mastering the intricacies of how Magic is birthed, grown and multiplied is not only a life-long work in progress but also what makes coaching and teaching this work worthwhile.

In a nutshell and as we have often said, transformation and the process of it (Magic) begins with a desire (Sex). Intention is met with challenge and risk (Danger) and the entire journey can be driven by purpose, presence, fun and adventure.

Magic in a pill looks like a consistent dose of focused, highly intentional energy.

Not just any energy, but a vibrational output that is a match to what is wanted.

With guidance or the support of a coach this isn’t as complicated as it might sound. The very tricky bit is that no one can give anyone else a Magic pill. If your desire is to become a concert musician you have to take the steps to develop yourself and do and be all it takes to fill those shoes. There is no short cut other than to focus on what you want.

Most people, though, drift into the zone-of-doing-what’s-comfortable and find perfectly good reasons to stay in that place. It can be dangerous to stay here. This zone is underwritten by fear, confusion, uncertainty and fragmentation and runs counter to the clearer, more intentional energy that generates the Power of Magic.

It is ironic that the self-preservation instinct that attempts to repel Danger is the very obstacle that stands in the way of everyday Magic!

Perhaps the answer to the riddle is obvious by now

The Magic that makes Magic is YOU

It is always You.

YOU are the Magic Pill.

The power is in your hands; and that is a good thing.

*          *          *          *

There is a Magic Pill and it is called YOU!  To get the most dose of Magic you must believe—You Must KNOW—that your well being, success and peaceful mind is your natural state.

The realm of Magic includes everything and excludes nothing. Even that which is hard to handle, like the things that show up in the realm of Danger, must be included. Magic doesn’t fight Danger, it transforms it with Love, Respect and Appreciation.

Finally, an inseparable aspect of Magic is Focus. When you think about how things have transformed in your life, think about how your conscious focus–or lack of it–led to the outcome that emerged.

Your personal power rests in how well you focus and how well you manage your energy when the unexpected occurs.

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