What Are You Going To Do With All That?

Where do you want to go in the next 6 months to a year:

  • Do you want to get money handled?
  • Get your career on track?
  • Move residence?
  • Play more?
  • Get fit and feel better?

Any change you want to make can be thought of as “New Territory”, and how you manage the process of Transformation will be reflected by the results you get.

One of the first things you may notice is that you have visited features of these places during periods of your life. For example, “I had money, but I lost it” or “There was a time that adventure and play was all I did!”. Or these new places are ones you dream about, such as, “I want a home that is quiet and spacious”, and “I want to get fit to run the New York Marathon next year”.

Whatever they are, notice the level of Certainty you feel about getting to your new territory.

Feel the excitement of what it would be like to get “there” (note: if it’s not really new territory there won’t be much excitement)….

Feel the compelling nature of going for what you want (really sense it in your body!)

Notice any sense of danger….anticipation… even fear that rides along with it.

Notice, too, any Uncertainty that shows up….

*          *          *          *

What are you going to do with all that?

To answer that question its important to recognize that uncertainty can prevail for a lifetime if a stronger, more powerful force doesn’t show up and make conscious change happen.

Personal stories of uncertainty and self-doubt are the world’s greatest source of broken dreams and broken hearts, and so confronting those stories is at the center of an effective coaching model.

In the DSM Coaching Approach, this confrontation is what occurs in the Realm of Danger, and it is territory we want our clients to move through as soon as possible.

Those new places look good but the process of getting there is muddled with terror.

We’ve spoken of this many times before – that keeping the comfort of the status quo is risky because it has the illusion of safety, while fantasies of all that will go wrong in the future is  perceived as dangerous – so we stay stuck.

All this “danger” perpetuates more uncertainty, and the cycle goes on.

*          *          *          *

This static, uncertain place is not the kind of place that ChangeMakers tolerate for very long.

They want Certainty.

They know how to answer the question, “What are you going to do with that?”

Here are the FOUR INNER ACTIONS that ChangeMakers
make to achieve the power of Certainty

(Although these are each broadly described you can easily chunk them down into specific practices, which is what we do for you in our programs.  They are simple but powerful. “Try them on” by giving time, thought and attention to each).

ChangeMakers will…

  • Trust that “the body never lies” and pay close attention to signals, signs and cues from their body  (This sharpens their movement from uncertainty and self-doubt to Certainty, Confidence and Action).
  • Empower their body to be an instrument that measures “how I am” in any situation or circumstance. (They learn what feels good, raises energy, and “resonates”)
  • Acknowledge what is going on in their life, accept it as it is, and strategize from there. (No more self-pity, blame or wishing things were different).
  • Slow down and use their body as a guide to new ways of perception, thinking and choosing. (Because this step involves slowing down there is no way to predict how long it will take. All we can say, with certainty, is that the only way this will not succeed as a conscious, transformational approach, is if you give up).

In concluding this short guide to becoming more Certain, there are two important cornerstones to the DSM Coaching Approach that will support your journey.

First, remember that all Human Beings are hard-wired to continuously Learn, Love, Grow and Change. Our natural instinct is to seek out fulfillment and happiness and Certainty is a primary element in that process. We always feel better about ourselves and generate creative movement when we are certain.

Second, and our experiences make us certain about this:

Life transformation occurs daily whether you want it to or not!

The point is, transformation is not a thing that is NOT going to happen to you.

Whether you hire a personal coach or not, Life will change…

The only question that matters is if you are going to take charge of the transformations inspired by Life – will you be a ChangeMaker – or will external circumstances and situations transform you into something that is chosen for you.


What Are You Going To Do With All That? — 5 Comments

  1. I loved what you said about the effect of media on your world view, and your day to day life experience. No one teaches us how to critically assess news and its delivery, as well as its effect on us. I’m reading a book now called ‘The News,’ by Alan de Bouton (sp??). He wrote ‘The Art of Travel’ which is also a wonderful read. His assessment of how we need to learn to interpret and limit the news is eye opening, and very much in line with your article. I think you’d enjoy it….

  2. The book sounds good and on a topic that is yet to get “hot”, but may soon. I think there are some things brewing out there about how the media is letting us down both in the scope of what is covered and the narrow way it is analyzed by journalists and the companies they work for.

  3. This is a timely topic for me, this notion that the body never lies and to listen to its messages.

    Last week, my body told me enough is enough and it was time to stop waiting for everything to be perfect and just commit to making the changes to my business that I have been putting off.

    For two days, I was the most irritable I have been in my entire life. I’m generally an easy going person, so to be so annoyed, so easily, was uncomfortable.

    When I took some time to think about what was really going on, I realized that my body was saying, “You can make these changes consciously or unconsciously, but you ARE going to make them.” Because if I continued doing what I was doing, my new irritability was going to drive my clients away even if I wasn’t ready for them to leave.

    As a result of this awareness, I have committed to transitioning my business officially at the new year. Even after making this decision, I wasn’t exactly excited about it — more numb than anything — but as time has passed, my excitement has risen and I’m looking forward to what the new year has in store for me.

    Your body really is pretty smart, if you take the time to listen to it.

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