You are the Money, Honey!

All the money (health and wealth) you ever wanted exists right here, right now and is waiting for you to tune in and receive it!

That’s a bold statement.

Yet it begins the transition away from the usual misconception that money exists somewhere “out there” and you have to go and get it.

The truth is, it all starts with a normal, healthy act of Desire and Want.

It doesn’t matter if it is for more money, love, health, power or anything else. Your Desire and Want immediately begins an alchemical process of creation.

This alchemical process triggers an energetic response, which forms what can be thought of as a vibrational “blue print” of what it is you desire.

Taking this a step further, this blue print is an energetic form of your Essential Nature, your Expanded Self– your Life Living Through You Self.

In essence, you “become” the energy of money.

YOU ARE the energy of money.

Money isn’t something separate from you. You are it and it is you.

You become your Money Self.

* * * * *

So… If you are money and money is you, how do you get the green stuff into your hands and into your account at the corner bank?

In Danger, Sex and Magic we talk a lot about vibration. Everything we see, hear, touch, smell or taste is distinctive by the frequency in which it vibrates.

For example, the color red vibrates at a different rate than green. Metal vibrates at a different rate than wood, and so on.

Think of it this way: When you tune to 93.3 on your radio you will only hear what’s being transmitted at that frequency. To hear what’s on at 102.5 you have to do something. You have to “tune in” to that frequency.

Your Money Self and your Worldly Self work in the same way.

For the sake of example, currently your Worldly Self is vibrating at a frequency that is perfect for receiving everything that you are currently living at 93.3!

That’s not good or bad. It just is.

In contrast, your Money Self is vibrating at 102.5 and you are not connecting with it. It’s playing just fine but what you are getting in the world and what your Money Self is transmitting are not matching up!

Your Money Self is vibrating at the higher frequency and just waiting for you to start doing the things that tune you to it.

When you do, the goodies will start flowing through you.

So how do you tune-in to your Money Self?

* * * * *

This is where the fun comes in….

… You “do” whatever raises your energy.

Start with these pointers and see what happens in your life:

  • Self-manage your beliefs about lack and unworthiness.|
  • Open yourself to receive the compliments and acknowledgments that people offer you.
  • Say “No” to the people, places, things, and thoughts that lower your energy or diminish you.
  • Know, absolutely, that you are LOVED and are LOVEABLE.
  • Bust taboos as often as you can, especially the ones you can identify that hold you small or diminish what it means to be wealthy and successful.
  • Play the warm/cold game. If you’re feeling happy you are getting warmer and closer to your Money Self. If you are feeling fearful you’re getting colder and moving away from your Money Self.
  • Pay attention to the signals and feedback you are getting from the world outside yourself. Think of it as simply reflecting back to you your underlying energetic vibration.
  • Clean up your internal dialog and beliefs.
  • Evaluate (don’t judge!) how quickly and easily problems are resolving — or not. See Step 6 of Loving Yourself into Real
  • Notice happy encounters, windfalls, or random acts of kindness coming your way. These are all a reflection of your mastery of you and money.

There is work to be done, but it is no longer the “work harder to get your piece of the pie” paradigm. YOU ARE THE PIE!

Play on!

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