Playfulness, Delight and… Sex

To really encompass what Sex is about in Danger Sex and Magic you have to open your mind to bigger things!

Number One Thing: Sex is the Generative Force of the Universe!

We’ve all heard from astrophysicists about “the ever-expanding universe”. It is Generative energy that is the force that is behind the expanding nature of things.

Generative Energy is Sexual Energy.

Sexual Energy is Generative Energy.

The nature of energy is to expand its expression through new pathways, novelty, creativity and new Life.

Every. Thing. Everything… expands because sexual energy is finding expression.

This energy has many distinguishing aspects that we go into in DSM, but there is one quality that is vital to allowing and feeling Generative Energy…
…. we call it, Playfulness and Delight.

* * * *

Ironically, these two beautiful qualities are often the first to fall by the wayside during the fast-paced, mundane, activities, anxieties and problems of everyday life.

Renewing Light-Heartedness – the key ingredient of Playfulness and Delight – into your daily Life, is essential to feeling truly ALIVE.

When you renew Light-Heartedness, you guarantee that Generative Energy, Sexual Energy and Creative Energy will soon follow.

Here are a few things you can do to release Light-Heartedness back into your Life:

  • Slow down and take great pleasure in whatever activity is occurring in the moment. Yes! Even if it’s washing dirty dishes! Find pleasure in the warm water, the colors reflected in the bubbles of soap, the way the water sparkles and runs off the clean dishes.
  • Be open and allow learning that comes from every situation and encounter.
  • Stop taking things personally!
  • Remember that Life is an adventure!
  • Practice seeing situations or problems as smaller and lesser than yourself.
  • Like a child, use your imagination to engage playfully with conditions. Put a tea towel around your shoulders and pretend you are superwoman! Do a silly dance! Look for what’s funny! Go ride your bike! Sing a nursery rhyme in a different voice or accent. Sometimes when Craig and I get too serious with each other we exaggerate complaining and perceived unfairness with, “You Alwaaaaayyyysss………..” or “You Neeeevvvvveeerrr…….” in whinny, squeaky voices. It makes the “serious” topic ludicrous and blows off steam, too.

When a child is enthralled by what she is doing there is a sense of timelessness, amusement and delight.

A part of ourselves asks: “But what does that serve? What is the benefit of such non-productive passing of time?”

We say, you have to ask yourself: WHO is asking that question?

* * * *

When you let things amuse and delight you, you enter into a deeper breath and a realm of enchantment. Your body responds with the same chemical reactions that are emitted when you feel universal Love.

There is a balancing, a harmonizing – a resolution – that occurs at other than conscious levels.

Because you are deep in the present moment, there is creativity going on that is un-hampered by the judgment and interpretation of things that you relentlessly go about doing most of the time!

Are you beginning to see why physical sex is so important to the balance of our lives? And perhaps also why it has becomes so ubiquitous, commercialized and occasionally twisted?

All of what we see related to sex is an expression of a desire to be more generative, more creative, and more contributive to the spiritual conscience of the world.

The main reason to engage in Playfulness and Delight is because it brings great pleasure to the experiences you are having.

It heals you and the world around you.

Feel free to explore and engage in the wonder of discovery.

Push back on the inner voice (we call it “The Liar”!) that wants you to get back to the daily grind.

Engage the unknown with courage, wide-eyed, playful curiosity, and the expectation thatgood things always come your way.

Go Ahead… Turn it on!


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