Leave the Familiar for a While

This time of the year is a familiar time when we consider the years, remember the people who are near to us, and maybe even take stock of how well we are doing and what’s present or missing from our lives.

We offer you a poem from the great 14th Century writer, Hafiz. Still thought of as one of the most popular poets throughout Persia, it is said he achieved God-Consciousness at the age of 60.

To this day, his poetry is utilized as an oracle to give guidance to questions and direction to the realization of wishes.

We think this season is a perfect time to consult his wisdom.

As two souls who have counted more year-ends than most; who have seen a lot of the world and had a lot of experiences – and even if our bodies show it some days more than others – we are going to keep looking, as Hafiz urges, to “greet ourselves in our thousand other forms”!

In the poem he encourages us to, “leave the familiar for a while”.

We feel sure Hafiz would want us to savor and bask in the beauty and wonder of the present moment, and in the season of the year-end holidays.

He would want us to Love and empower each other and ourselves.
He would want us to create our future out of a new present.

We are convinced he was a Danger, Sex and Magic kind of a guy!
hafi poem

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