Springtime Whispers of Your Heart

TulipsSlow down and listen to the Spring Time Whispers of Your Heart.

There is a deep murmuring beginning to stir from within the Core of your Being.
Something new is emerging.
It is your Essence, pushing through the concrete of your limitations and doubts.

It is the Spring Time of your Being, re-emerging,
to begin again,
with renewed vigor and passion.

The winter months have given you time to steep in the deep silence of wisdom;
learning from all your past successes and failings.

Your innate Essence has a code
that will guide you toward the Sun of your Elan Vital,
If you pay attention with boldness and authority.

Hold onto the mane of your Heart.
Let yourself be carried into the realms of Love, Passion and Delight.

Your Spirit is the spring flower, the new blade of grass, the soft spring rain.
Only your doubt, lack of self worth and belief in yourself can distort the fluidity and flow of the power that is you.

Slow down and Breathe.

Let go of guilt, shame and blame.
Let them compost into the rich soil of empowered awareness and learning.

You are more, much more, than the tiny voice of lack.

Breathe into the sacredness of your right to be.
Your right to be fully human,
a leading-edge creator and manifestor,
a traveler of what has heart and meaning.

Listen, soften, breathe and slow down.

What do you yearn for?
What raises your energy? What lowers your energy?
What turns you on? What turns you off?

The answers are a way to listen to the code of your Essence.
Pay attention as if your life depended on it. It does!
Follow this wisdom even though your limiting beliefs scream NO!

This is your Life.
Only you can live it.
You are the One who has the power to say Yes or No.

Do you know the difference between your Yes and No?
You may not.
They very often get confused with each other.

These two questions will help you unpick the tangle:

By saying Yes to what has Heart and Meaning, what am I saying No to?
By saying No to what has Heart and Meaning, what am I saying Yes to?

Slow down and sit with these questions over and over again.
When you are in the process of giving a yes or a no to a situation, person or thing,
Slow down and sit with these questions over and over again.

Listen to the Whispers of Your Heart.
Receive the embrace of the unfiltered potential
that is yours to stir into shape and form.

It is your time to Rise and Shine as the one-of-a-kind, never-before-existed,
magnificent work of Genius that you are.

Listen to the Spring Time Whispers of Your Heart!


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