Be Your Own Valentine

Don Miguel Ruiz, the author of The Four Agreements, writes:

You are life passing through your body,
Passing through your mind,
Passing through your soul.

You are the force that moves the wind and
…………breathes through your body.

The whole universe is a living being that is
…………moved by that force,

And that is what you are.

You are life.

Imagine living in the world and knowing YOU ARE the Force that breathes through your body and moves the whole universe.

Imagine living from the knowledge, without ever any doubt, that YOU ARE the beautiful expression of this Force.

And imagine that how you define yourself – what you identify with – is a force of unlimited creative potential.

This is a major shift in self-perception and we say it is the key to personal empowerment, fulfillment and success in every form…

…. So what is the evidence that YOU ARE this Living Force that is powerfully living through you?

* * * *

Here are a few examples of Life Living Through You moments. Once you get the feel for what they’re like, we’re sure you’ll want to add some of your own:

  • Moments of being astounded, almost as if being caught off-guard, by an awareness or and Ah-Ha understanding. In learning Tango we get this a lot!There is a sense of Heart-Opening (there’s that Valentine theme!) and awareness floods in through all your senses. Nothing seems like it will ever be the same again!
  • You meet someone and it seems random (you think), but for some reason your Heart expands, there is an immediate connection you know is special.
  • Those moments perhaps during periods of darkness or struggle, seeking resolution, there comes a flash of inspiration and insight. You know exactly what to do next.
  • Moments in nature or in solitude when your Heart swells with appreciation and Love for no apparent reason other than that you are present; alive; in this place; now. Your breath seems to connect you to the deep well of YOU.

From within the principles of Danger, Sex and Magic, none of these moments is seen as random or by chance.

When Life Lives Through You is your natural identity, you let go of the idea that life is “doing it to you”, “life is a struggle and then you die”, or that any circumstance or situation is beyond your control.

You are free.

* * * *

In closing we offer this gem from Mahatma Gandhi:

There is a soul force in the universe which,
if we permit it,
will flow through us
and produce miraculous results.

To truly thrive in these changing times we need to remember that this is who we really are, at the core level of our awareness.

This month, be your own Valentine first.

Harness opportunities to fully identify with and experience YOU as the power of Life.

* * * *

In our foundational program Life Lives Through You, our clients learn how to recognize and discern their wisdom and intuition amidst the clamoring “gottas and shoulds “of culture, family, religion, situations and circumstances. If you would like to find out more about the Life Lives Through You program, please contact us at

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