Your Renewable Resource

The most dangerous phrase in the language is, 
”We’ve always done it this way.”
~Grace Hopper

In a time filled with anxiety and expansion, transition, increasing demands, aging, and above all …the necessity to do MORE with LESS

… There is only one theme we know of that provides hope, and that is to tap deeply into the single renewable resource each of us has…OURSELVES.

Because, at the end of the day it is YOU — your energy, your resilient self, your fullest expression — that will matter most.

That, then, begs the question, “How much are you repressing, constraining and wrestling with yourself each day?”

Our guess is there is altogether too much of this going on.

* * *

Yellow Caution LightIt’s the same as if you were living life while the YELLOW ‘CAUTION’ LIGHT is blinking and yet you press on, not knowing that you drain and damage yourself in the process.

When there is no sensuality, no edge, no magic in life, it is boring, sad, empty… …and we know you don’t want boring, sad, empty!

It suggests that there is a difference between what you really want and what you are actually doing. This is the very definition of stress. And how much of your Life Force is that wasting?

Meanwhile, there is a fierce conversation taking place concerning the sustainability of our natural resources.

And you, dear one, are this planet’s most precious Life Force commodity!

It is time to STOP working against yourself and create a vital LEAP forward.

Feel the energetic pull of the Passionate Life that is calling to you.

Yes, it is possible!

* * *

If you were faced with a problem in your work, you’d ‘get smart about it’ before trying to fix it. You can do the same for the things in your life.

It is possible to realize why things haven’t been working… and INTELLIGENTLY understand yourself.

It is possible to create cleaner results and breakthroughs in work, relationships, and health.

What these possibilities require is the capacity and willingness to be unattached to what you are doing now and is no longer working, anyway! You must build a willingness to question your assumptions and your habits, and be willing to dream and invent the future that you have what you desire.

* * *

Below are some questions to help you get a jump-start on stopping the madness.

Savor them well… Let them sink into the deepest part of your being. We assure you there will be more than one answer to each question, if you allow it.

Write the questions on post-it notes and place them around your home, work, car, bedroom (wherever!) to help remind your Self that you are in the process of tapping into the renewable resource of YOU.

Keep a notebook nearby so you can write down insights and your wisdom throughout the day. Review your findings each evening and celebrate your Genius!

  • When do I feel I’m most in a natural and engaged flow with Life?
  • What am I willing to let fall apart so something new can be invented?
  • In the spirit of inventiveness, what rules do I need to break?
  • What actions feel like big leaps?

From Struggle to Ease…
Fatigued to Calm…
Flat to Tingling…
Fearful to Invigorated…

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