Season of Magic!

Here we are — the last days of 2011!!

Did you live your dreams this year?

Are you feeling more empowered and grounded than you did 12-months ago?

Do you feel successful?

Have you arrived at your intentions for fulfillment, love and happiness?

No matter your answers, you deserve hearty Congratulations!

Your experiences are feedback, and how you feel about them is vital to what you will build and create from this point forward…

Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.
~Carl Bard
* * * *

During the Season of Magic — the culmination of one year and the rising of a new one –we are surrounded with stories of fantastic transformation, hopes, dreams and faith renewed.

The mass desire to bring wonderful and magnificent things to life is more tangible than ever! It’s like everyone knows that Magic is everywhere, wanting and waiting to manifest. Unspoken on lips you can almost hear the words, “But how? What do I have to do to feel more Magic in my life? Where’s the bit that will make my dreams come true?”

In the world of Danger, Sex and Magic we say that allowing Life to Live Through You is like being in a real-life art project that takes you to the brink of something new, over and over again.

And it is on the brink, where things seem risky and new and challenging, that you meet your best self, and you generate the resources that support the Magic you want to happen.
We often say that DSM is not work for the faint of Heart. Your courage and passionate love of life are going to be called upon often if you are to master Creatorship, Magic, and the Art of living and loving well.

* * * *

Magic is not a slight of hand con game, manipulation, or creation of some illusion to entice others to give you what you want. Rather, in DSM, it is generated by Love of Self, Other, and the Whole.

It is full of vibrant, attractive, fearless energy.

It is your whole being saying, “Yes!” to Life. Unafraid. Fierce.

It is you, Loving THAT MUCH, that you will do what it takes to give creative expression to that which honors your Life….and ALL Life.

DSM Magic calls you forth and holds you responsible and accountable for what you experience every day.

It provokes you to align your Self with the thoughts, ideas, activities and environments that turn you on and raise your energy.

It can be something awesome, like a great mystery unfolding before you, the unseen being revealed, or the unexpected suddenly appearing. It can be the sheer delight of a child’s laughter, or a magnificent synchronicity or coincidence.

It is about knowing that you can allow Life energy to move through you and you have come to understand what raises your energy… and what lowers it!

* * * *

Here’s a quick DSM exercise to take stock of Magic and your year. Do this even if you think your year sucked! If you get stuck, we invite you to review the DSM Insights beginning with This is what Love looks like in this moment”.

  1. In the last year I was enthralled by these FIVE things (can be a movie, a coincidence, a place, an object, a meal, etc.):
  2. In the last year I was a “YES! TO LIFE” these FIVE times (go for the feelings that most uplifted you. Yes, these can be related to #1)
  3. When, and with whom did you feel your most charismatic; the most alive?

Well Done! There was Magic in your life this year!

Now — AND VERY IMPORTANT –write a new, future story about the coming year that includes more of these experiences, these people, these places and these things. Exaggerate them more than a little bit!

Feel the energy of standing on the brink of something new.

Take a deep breath filled with courage!

Invoke the Magic of Your Dreams!

Allow unlimited surprise!

Delight in Life Living Through You as it guides your new beginnings.


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