The Energy of Connection

Three words that make you smile. . .

Or provoke you… Or make you cringe…Or wish you had more (or less) of it in your life.

Danger, Sex and Magic are three compelling forces that are played out beneath the surface of all relationships, at all times. These forces can be used to manifest a greatly amplified state of aliveness that ultimately can propel you to greatness in all your endeavors.

Like anything else that’s worth an effort, though, you have to be thirsty for Life…want Change… desire Prosperity ….be turned on by Fulfillment! If you have that, you will be able to go beyond rules and challenge the taboos that are stifling you.

There is a thread that runs through all of Danger, Sex and Magic and ties them together – it is the energy of Connection.

Whether it is connection to Self, to another, or connection to the greater wholeness of being, Connection will always be in a state of flux between connecting, disconnecting and reconnecting. This is a very important awareness and one that is important to discern in your life journey.

By combining the qualities of the DSM forces and understanding where on the Cycle of Connection you are in a relationship, you will be able to better strategize the next action steps that you need to take.

For example, if a relationship is in Danger territory, it will feel like you are living in a double bind/can’t win scenario. It is likely you are going to have to take bold action to shift the energy and get the change you want.

When Connection has the energy of possibility and excitement we say it is influenced by the force of Sex. Here, you are able to access generative energy and feel good “states” and know that something will grow from re-connection, disconnection or stronger connection.

The force of Magic transforms the moment of connection, disconnection or reconnection into an opportunity for something spontaneous and unique to occur. It is the power behind collaborative innovation and the ecstasy of realizing that something truly novel is happening.

You can begin to apply these forces in your own life.

Think about one of your own relationships – personal or business – and determine where the forces of Danger, Sex and Magic are currently working.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is this relationship in the Danger zone?
  • Is it beginning a new phase of energy and possibility? (Sex)
  • Am I experiencing innovation and collaboration? ( Magic)

Where are you in the cycle of connection (connecting, disconnecting, or reconnecting)?

Are you avoiding the Danger of disconnecting from a relationship that no longer serves?

Are you disconnecting from a relationship because you are afraid of intimacy and vulnerability?

Is logic and pragmatism stopping the flow of Magic that can take you into the adventure of unknown territory?

Or any combinations of the above?

It’s time to know how you play the Game of Connection with this incredible thing called Life!

Go ahead and take bold action and lean into the Powers of your innermost desires and fulfillment. If not now, when?

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