Bust Taboos and Get Your Power Back

There is a tragic waste of human potential in the world and we are actively doing something to change it.

We see countless times over, in cultures around the world, people building their lives based on taboos, rather than on their own unique gifts, passions and Self Knowledge. Danger, Sex and Magic (DSM) is about learning the skills and developing the courage it takes to live beyond useless and irrelevant taboos so that you can engage in true Self-expression.

Silent and secret Taboos tend to form wherever groups of people congregate: organizations, religions, businesses, families, races, and cultures. With an innocent desire for inclusion into a group, people will accept and buy into these hidden belief systems lock, stock and barrel.

But true Greatness, true Self-Expression, and even true happiness, comes as a result of living beyond these unconscious ways of being. When we courageously “name” the Forbidden and Taboo structures, they begin to lose their power over us. And, when we confront them directly, they transform, and we become empowered. This why we describe what we do as “Coaching Beyond the Forbidden and Taboo”.

You may see Taboos and Rules as the same thing. But they are very different.

Webster’s Dictionary says a taboo is:

1) a prohibition instituted for the protection of a group against supernatural reprisal;
2) someone or thing avoided or prohibited especially by social custom, or

3) the ritual isolation of a person or thing as sacred or accursed.

Read that again. The italicized words indicate where your power has been given away. It takes great courage, conviction and purpose to stand up to any or all of those three great forces!

In contrast, rules are agreed to by society as a whole and do not involve supernatural forces. For instance, when a red light is disobeyed, the possible result is logical and predictable (i.e. an accident or a traffic ticket), rather than the wrath of god.

These taboos and superstitions are not easily tossed aside, either. It is our tribal heritage at play, our ancestry coming to life in the present day! Taboo-busting, then, is a call to personal power, adventure and freedom.

It is definitely not for the faint of heart. However, like any new skill worth learning, we think it’s a good idea to practice on small stuff and work your way up to Greatness…

Greatness resides in those who stand up and take action to change the things that inhibit natural expression, flow and evolution. Gandhi, Rosa Parks, Abraham Lincoln, and Nelson Mandela are examples of people who went beyond busting personal taboos to shattering taboos that hindered the evolution of humanity.

But even these amazing people didn’t become Great overnight. Their journey to the place in their lives when the put their stake in the ground and said, “No More!” was filled with many thousands of small steps.

It is these small steps — these individual confrontations with your own Forbidden and Taboo areas — will take you to your own version of Greatness.

And that is what this newsletter is about. We want to help you “name” your own Forbidden and Taboo areas. And then, with the support of the Danger, Sex and Magic process, we’ll help empower you to move beyond these limiting beliefs. Because Life does Live Through You and only when you are truly free to be yourself, will you experience your true potential.

It is time. It is your birthright.

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